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ITF Taekwon-Do Instructor Business Success Training System - Testimonials
There is nothing more powerful to a prospective Taekwon-Do student when looking at an ad or sales letter than great testimonials.

Last week we discussed referrals and how powerful it is for a future prospect to hear about you from someone they are close to, that they know and trust.

Testimonials are the next best thing!

Your prospects my not personally know who wrote the testimonial but the words of another have a much greater impact on their perception of your business than you could ever create by singing your own praises.

Here are the top 4 things you need to know to maximize the money making power of using of testimonials in your Taekwon-Do school.

1. Acquiring Testimonials
This should be an easy task unless for some reason you are providing terrible service, teach boring classes and your students wish they weren’t there.

There are many ways to collect testimonials.  You can email all your students and ask them to give a recommendation on facebook, post a review on Twitter, Yelp or Google, shoot short videos with willing families shortly after a testing, or have them email you with a short note on how their training has impacted their lives.

The great thing about getting testimonials on social media sites is that (as long it is a publicly posted comment) you can take a screen shot, crop it, save it as picture and use that as a testimonial.

It will receive instant credibility because people will see names and photos, instantly recognize the format of facebook, of twitter and the yelp logo.  The assumption made is that people aren’t just giving you a testimonial, they are sharing that testimonial with the world!

ITF Taekwon-Do Instructor Business Success Training System - Yelp Testimonial

2. Don’t Edit!
Many business owners want their testimonials to be perfect.  The problem is that they want them to be their version of perfect.  Again, what you think is irrelevant.

Your prospects want to see a variety of what others have to say about you in their words!

If there’s a typo or the grammar isn’t’ perfect, don’t worry about it.  It actually ads a level of credibility.  If your testimonials look like they’re polished and perfect then you will loose believability.

3. Be Detailed-
Have you ever seen testimonials on infomercials or other advertisements that make amazing claims and are singed John D., Karen F. and Eric M.?

Being vague brings on skepticism and takes away from the great things people are saying about you.  If your testimonial isn’t pulled from something like a social media site then include as much information as you can.

Include at least first and last names.  You can also include that person’s age, occupation, and If that person has a title include that as well.  If there is a description you could include that is relevant to your business, or helps to describe your target market then include that also.

Ex: Jane Smith, 36
Home Maker
Phoenix Area Mother of 3

4. The Use of Testimonials-
You can’t use them enough!  Any flyer, print ad, website you design should have testimonials scattered throughout.  There are businesses who send out information booklets that are all testimonials.

Used correctly, testimonials can and will set your advertising apart from the estimated 4,000+ commercial messages people are bombarded with everyday.

When your prospect sees or hears a testimonial that they can relate to, there is an instant connection and the probability of that person becoming a future student increases significantly.

This is just one of the many tools for you to use at your disposal.  Take advantage of the reputation you’ve already built and let your satisfied customers tell the world who you are and how great you are at what you do!


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