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I was asked by an instructor recently, “I’ve started having another company collect tuition for me and my student’s love it. But how do I explain the auto payments to new students?

This is a great question!

There’s two important points I want you to notice before I answer the actual question.

First, offering the auto pay option is a convenience.  Notice that the first thing said, was that “current student’s love it.”  That same instructor also mentioned to me that one of their students mentioned that it was almost annoying to have to write a check every month for Taekwon-Do, because that was the only check she wrote each month!

Again, the auto pay is a convenience.  Most people are actually surprised when a company doesn’t offer an auto payment option.  Even if someone doesn’t have a credit card, debit cards work and most companies can even use a voided check to set up payments.  You’ll always have a few people who may scoff at it, so having a paid in full option will give them another option to take advantage of if they prefer cash or check.

Second thing is, the question you asked is all about you and not the new student.  It’s all about a concern you have about this new process you are staring at your school.

People are not confused by, or wondering what automatic payments are anymore.  Every online transaction is automatically processed and almost every company that collects money monthly has some type of auto payment process in place.  Many people already pay for their Taekwon-Do, insurance, cable, internet, netflix, phone, etc, each month this way and I’m sure you’ve got some other examples in your bank account as well.

So to answer your question… “How do I explain the auto payments to new students?”

You don’t.

There’s nothing to explain.

They already know what it is and they just need to know, that’s how you do business.  They don’t care if you have some new way of collecting tuition.  All they should be focused on is doing whatever it is they need to do to get in your program!

Be on the lookout for things like this that are YOUR concerns and not really the concerns of your new members.  You can easily waste a lot of time, money and energy taking actions that really don’t have that much to do with the success of your business.


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