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Dealing with the “nay-sayers” is something that you will have to deal with in life if you are up to, committed to, creating or building something that matters to you.

For example, making a difference with people in your life and your community through teaching Taekwon-Do.

If you teach, whether it’s a small program at a grade school, a bigger program being taught out of a health club or community center, or if you own your own location, at some point you made that decision to teach.

Then, for many of you, you made the decision to teach for a living.

Then you had to decide how you were going to run your school, how you were going to schedule classes, how you were going to set up your curriculum, how you were going to enroll people, how much you were going to charge, if you wanted to teach adults, kids, or both…  and on and on and on.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of decisions you’ve already made and there is an infinite number or decisions you’ll need to make in the future.

And all along the way there will be people giving you their opinions, usually about what they think is wrong or about what you should be doing.  Those opinions of others come from their point of view and if you take the time to notice, most people think their point of view is the RIGHT point of view.  Even YOU.

We all know the saying, “Opinions are like a_ _ holes, everybody has one.”  And for the most part, you can handle the opinions of others.  But there are times when those opinions hit hard and really begin to impact your thinking.  Usually when those opinions come from people close to you like long time friends, family members or a spouse.  They may know little to nothing about your business, but you care about them, respect them and allow what they say to influence your decisions and actions.

So how do YOU keep this from happening?

You have to be crystal clear about your vision of what you are up to.  Not crystal clear about just what you want to do like running a school, helping people or wanting to make a living doing something you love.

You have to be crystal clear about what you want to do, think, feel and actions to take, differences you want to make, the impact you want to have on individuals, families, communities and humanity.

General Choi didn’t accomplish spreading Taekwon-Do around the world because he wanted to make a living or impress someone.  He had a vision of what Taekwon-Do would provide for his country and for humanity.

You have to think big and be crystal clear about all of it.

For starters you need to have clear and specific answers to these questions:

Why do want to teach?
What do you want people to get from training with you?
What do you want Taekwon-Do to provide for you community?
What do you want Taekwon-Do to provide for you and your family?
What do you want to have accomplished 1 year from now?
What do you want to have accomplished 5 years from now?
What do you want to have accomplished 10 years from now?

Keep in mind as you answer these questions that you don’t need validation, proof or agreement for the answers you come up with here.  You want to let your mind explore, wonder and dream about what is possible for yourself.  This isn’t about what you think is going to happen, it’s about what you want to create.

This is just a start, but you can start to see that if you have clearly defined, specific answers to these questions, then you now have a vision of what’s possible that is starting to take shape and that you are out to fulfill.

When you are standing inside of this vision it’s easy to determine what to do with what others say.  It’s easy to make decisions and determine what actions there are to take.  It’s easy because those decisions you are making, the actions you are taking and the advice you choose to take are either consistent with the vision you have, or they’re not.

It’s also easy to get off track by getting caught up in the day to day busy work that’s right in front of you.  From time to time you need to pause, look at what you are doing, and if you find that you are doing things that are not consistent with what you are really committed to, THEN STOP!  Get refocused and get yourself back on track.

Remember, this isn’t about pleasing other people, getting agreement from them or even doing what is predictable for you.  This is about what’s possible and blowing the lid off of whatever you thought you could do.

This type of creative thinking is not common and most people have a resigned and cynical reaction to it.  It’s your job to keep the creation happening and the vision clear and alive.


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