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ITF Taekwon-Do Instructor Business Success Training System - Email Marketing

Email is amazing! It’s the foundation for the 1 TKD Newsletter and it is the quickest, cheapest way to get in front of your prospects or students on a regular basis.

Almost seems too good to be true, right?

Well, it is.  If your email marketing is not executed properly then your prospects and students will quickly view you as an annoying pest rather than a welcome guest.

It just takes one click to delete an email, one click to get marked as spam, or one click for someone to unsubscribe from your list.  If your email is not perceived as relevant to the reader then they will dispose of you quickly.

Secret #1
Get Your Email Opened!

What you put in the subject line MATTERS!  This might be the most important piece of your email.  If they don’t open it, then all the work you did from that point on will be for nothing.

The subject line is like the headline for your email.  Think about when you read the paper, a magazine or articles online.  If the headline catches your eye, you check it out.  If not, you pass over it without a second thought.

You want to grab their attention by peaking their curiosity.

People love secrets, tips and remedies for things that they think about and deal with on a regular basis.  Or you could ask an intriguing question that is addressed in your email.  Just take this week’s newsletter for example: Article 1 – Is Your Vision For Taekwon-Do Dead? Article 2 – Email Marketing Secrets You Need To Know!

A great place to look for examples of what to put in your subject line are magazine covers.  The next time you are at the store (or if you have some at home) just read the headlines on the front page of a few highly popular magazines.

Secret #2
Relevance is the key!

How do you become relevant?  The easiest way to become relevant with email marketing is by providing answers to problems your target market faces.

Specifically, you want to create articles and provide additional content that address what problems your target market is dealing with and how Taekwon-Do is the answer to those problems.  Not just special offers and coming events.

You must keep in mind who you are speaking to.  The words you use and the content you provide must match who you are communicating with.  If you have different programs then you wouldn’t say the same thing to the 25 year old who wants to feel like a bad ass looking for MMA classes as you would to the mother of 3 who is looking for classes for her shy kids.

Keep those lists separate and communicate with them accordingly.

Secret #3
The Offer

The offer is a very tricky aspect to email marketing and if misused, can be the downfall of your email marketing.

If the email is crafted properly, your readers should see you as the answer to their problems, questions and concerns.  If you have actually made a contribution to your reader’s life then you have earned the right provide them with an offer.

Otherwise you’re just saying the equivalent of, “Hi, I teach Taekwon-Do.  We teach discipline.  Want to take advantage of my special offer?” in email form.  Not very effective.

When the content is relevant, the offer occurs as an opportunity to the reader.  When the content is not relevant, the offer occurs like you attempting to sell them something they don’t need or want.  Annoying.

Finally your offer should be just a line or two with a link or phone number at the bottom of your email.  You want to reference the content of the email and say something like

Speaking of _____
If you’re interested in _____
If you really want _____


Click Here
Give me a call for more info. 222-222-1111
Give me a call to learn more. 222-222-1111

Secret #4
Write Like You Are Talking Directly To Them

When you are crafting your email you want to write like you speak.  Write like you are sitting across the table from your student or prospect having a casual conversation.

For example:
Use “I” and “Me” instead of “We” and “Us”
Use “You” and “Your” instead of “They” and “Their”

You have the ability to create the school of your dreams.
Every instructor has the ability to create the school of their dreams.

Which one appeals more to you?

When you use these tips you will sound like you are speaking directly to the reader.  Otherwise you are speaking in vague generalities and the reader won’t identify as well with your content.

With these four email marketing secrets you can greatly increase your open rate, keep readers engaged and, as my marketing mentor Dan Kennedy says, be seen as a welcome guest, not an annoying pest!



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