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I’ve had quite a few questions lately about pricing lessons.

There are many factors that go into what you charge for training but I wanted to give you a little food for thought and bring up one of the things most instructor don’t consider when setting their prices.

When most instructors set prices, they base them off of what their instructor charged, what other schools are charging, or even worse… what they’d be comfortable paying themselves.  None of these have anything to do with what the market is willing to pay for your services.

One of the best places to look and see if you are charging enough is at other activities that children do once or twice a week OTHER THAN MARTIAL ARTS!

This is a valid comparison because unfortunately until a parent or adult student discovers what Taekwon-Do is really all about and how it will impact their lives, it’s just another activity or workout.

Take my son’s piano lessons for example.

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Last week my son had his first piano recital.  He loves Frank Sinatra and has what he calls his Frank Suit.  It’s basically a three piece suit and a fidora but he loves it.  He got up there, introduced himself, did his “piano bow”, performed a song and loved it.  He also had about 15 friends and family there.

This is no different than your students training hard for months and then testing or competing.

He’s been going to piano lessons once a week for an hour and it costs me $155 per month.  That breaks down to $38.75 per class/hour.

How does that compare to what you charge?

My daughter has harp lessons and I think we pay about $125 a month and those are a half hour once a week.  That’s $31.25 per class, or you could think of it as $62.50 per hour.

How does that compare to what you charge?

Ultimately it’s your decision to charge what you wish, but it’s important that you take in as much information as possible and determine what the market is willing to pay, not what you “think” people can or should be paying.


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