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ITF Taekwon-Do – Making a Difference

ITF Fight Evolution Taekwon-Do

One afternoon as I was checking a few things out on facebook, I came across something called ITF Fight Evolution.  Of course with a name like that I had to check it out.

It is a program put together by retired and multi ITF World Champion Katya Solovey and her trainer, husband and ITF Ukrainian National Coach Oleg Solovey.

Coached by her husband, Katya’s competition success took off in 2004 as she began winning international competitions. She was the ITF European Champion that year and kept that title through 2013 when she retired from competition.  She also won two ITF World Cups and two ITF World Championships in addition to numerous WAKO titles.

Oleg Solovey has always been hard at work, developing methods of training for Katya, for all his students and the national team of Ukraine. He’s always looking for something new and is always watching different fighting styles, not only Taekwon-Do.  His hard work has paid off as he has developed numerous European Champions and World Champions over the years.

Now Oleg and Katya have shifted their focus to helping other Taekwon-Do students become better athletes and better competitors.  They are achieving this with their new program ITF Fight Evolution.

The have already done numerous seminar all over Europe and will be conducting their next one in Argentina this month.  You can contact them for more information at either of the two links listed below:

They also have a great app for your iphone or android that you can download with some great sparring techniques and combinations for your training.  Just search TKD sparring and install the app by Oleg Solovey.  The pic of the app says “Solovey Team”.  You can’t miss it.


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