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Last week there was a post on facebook:

“Following the mandate of the ITF Congress, on June 11th at 3 pm delegations of the two ITF Taekwon-do organizations, leaded by Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg and Dr. Chang Ung, met in Vienna at the Vienna Grand Hotel and signed the agreement to stop immediately and end forever all Court proceedings at present and in the future between the two Taekwon-Do organizations and their own members and confirm the commitments not to slander, calumniate or defame each other. They express that they will observe a mutual respect to each other for the future. GM Trajtenberg was accompanied by ITF Senior Grand Master Ferrando, Senior Vice-President Master Paul Weiler and lawyer Mag. Spiegl as witness.”

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What does this all mean???

Unfortunately, not much to you.  The good news is that the dueling ITF organizations have agreed to stop litigation which will save them both a great deal of time and money in addition to basically agreeing to be nice to each other.  Smart move, I believe, on both their parts.

But now what?

The bad news is, I still see nothing to suggest that the separate ITF’s are moving toward working together in any way.  If they are, I have not seen or heard anything to suggest that is happening.

I suppose that it’s a small step in the right direction and I’ll take what I can get.

What inspires me is what is happening at the grass roots level of ITF practitioners. Every day I see Masters and Instructors and school owners who are working together with members of all organizations for training, seminars, camps and tournaments.  I see more cooperation and unity among them than anywhere else.

It is this type of unity, from the ground up, that has the power to get those in leadership to begin taking action and working together.

We must remember that the ITF (no matter which one you belong to) is just an organization.  It’s job is to provide structure, training, certifications, and competitions.

The ITF is not Taekwon-do.

If all the ITF organizations were to disappear tomorrow, Taekwon-Do would still live on. You would keep training your students.  You would continue to train.  You would still get together with other instructors.

Taekwon-Do would live on.

So, whatever organization you belong to, for whatever reason – own it, be proud of it and make the best of it.  Although there are many organizations out there, there is still only one Taekwon-Do.


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One thought on “ITF’s Working Together… Or Just Agreeing To Disagree? | ITF Taekwon-Do

  1. Well this agreement cements the final court decision which saw Prof. Chang Ung, PhD be declared the winner & president of the ITF as recognized by the Austrian Judicial system in Vienna. The Courts are the entity to legally decide which was “the” ITF & it did. As a result GM Trajtenberg’s ITF was obligated to pay over €100,000 Euros to the court recognized ITF under Dr. Chang Ung. So GM Trajtenberg & his leadership team had to decide, appeal again, at great costs, or accept the losing decision & come to peace with the ITF that remained in Vienna, the seat of the ITF Hq since 1985, residing in the same ITF building since 1989, by signing this agreement. A good decision for all IMO. Too bad it wasn’t done a long time ago. I was surprised by the legal decision as I always thought the losing ITF followed the ITF Constitution the closest, with regard to presidential succession. Maybe now that more become better informed as to who is the “legal” ITF & the ITF recognized by the major international sports orgs & official south Korean TKD entities, the splinter groups can find some benefit in forming a more unified alliance for the better,ent of all TKD, as TKD’s is ONE!

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