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ITF Taekwon-Do Business Success Training System - Lead Generation

This article will change the way you look at advertising your Taekwon-Do school and quite possibly change your life.

Do you want new students tracking you down, seeking you out and ready to enroll before they even walk in your door?

Most small business owners, and especially Taekwon-Do instructors, have had it all wrong when it comes to advertising.

You spend and spend and spend, hoping something you do will bring in new members.  You are doing all the work, trying to get the public’s attention and trying to convince them that Taekwon-Do is a great thing for themselves and their family.  You create new signs, new flyers, new logos and websites.  You work and work and work to get noticed, and even after all that, those that come in are just “checking it out”.  At best, even if you’ve had some success, you know it’s still always going to be an uphill battle.

But…  What if the roles were reversed?

What if your new prospects picked themselves out of the crowd?  What if they were coming to you already knowing that they are interested?  What if you weren’t trying to get their attention, but they were trying to get yours?  What if they weren’t checking you out, but you were checking them out to see if they are a good fit for you school?

Sound like a dream?  Well, it’s possible and actually quite simple.  Lead Generation Advertising is the first step in the marketing process that can make this happen.

Lead generation advertising is unlike what you’d consider to be “regular” advertising.  It is designed to get a prospect from your target market to raise their hand and demonstrate that they are interested in what you have to offer by taking some action such as going to a website, entering information or making a phone call all in order to get more information.

There’s very rarely any fancy graphics, logos, or even your company name.  It would even be common for a Taekwon-Do school who is doing lead generation advertising to not even mention Taekwon-Do in their initial ad!

If your brain is scrambling itself right now or you’re wondering if I’ve become mentally unstable…  that’s okay, just stick with me here.

Here’s how it works.

You first have to have a clear, specific and detailed picture of who your target market is.  Who is your perfect prospect?  Who your ideal client?  This is the type of person that makes up your target market and you want to have this person described in as much detail as you possibly can.

With this knowledge you can start to identify what this person struggles with, what makes them angry, what types of things they desire, and so on.

Then you design your lead generator to exactly match that.  For example, my ideal client is a married mother with two or more kids at least 4 yrs old, who owns her own home, has a combined household income of $100k, reads parenting magazines and is willing to spend money on their child’s development.

What are things she is concerned with, angry about, desperate for, or desiring?  Some things could include her kids getting good grades, her kids not being bullied, her kids getting along, her kids excelling at something, her kids listening to her, (add your own here!).

Notice that all of those things listed above are things that can be impacted by Taekwon-Do training.  The discipline, focus, respect and confidence her kids would get from training would definitely make her life easier.

The problem is that she’s not present to what would make a difference in her life, she’s just swimming in the muck of struggling with parenting.  So even if you put together an ad that she saw 10 times a day for a week that said her kids could get discipline, focus, confidence and respect from your program, it would most likely go unnoticed.

But if there was an ad that she could relate to, one that seemingly understood her and what she is dealing with as a parent, your chances of getting a response have immediately increased!

A possible lead generation ad headline could be, “Are you tired of  fighting with your kids to clean their room, to do their homework and to get off the video games?”  Then a sub headline saying something like, “A solution exists, and it’s easier than you think!  CLICK HERE”

Ideally there would be a link they could click (if online), a website for them to visit, or even a phone number with a recorded message they could listen to and leave their information.  There must also be a strong incentive for them to give you their info such as a free gift, an auto-responder email video series or a special report or ebook on something like ‘powerful parenting”.

Bottom line is that there must be an strongly incentivised, non-threatening (meaning they won’t have to worry about being sold) way for them to get more information and give you their contact information 24 hrs a day.

With the example above, I already know that whoever responds to this ad is a parent with school age kids, has some level of frustration dealing with them, is willing to start looking for an answer and has chosen me to look towards for that answer.  How I respond to her will determine if I’m seen as THE expert that has the program that will make THE difference she is looking for.

Next week I’ll dive deeper into the response and simple tips and strategies that will automatically make you the expert your leads have been searching for!

I also want to acknowledge here that these strategies are not my own, but have been taught to me by my mentor, Dan Kennedy.  I wish I could claim all this as my own, but he is the man behind the strategies I have implemented to create the school I now have and the current success of 1 TKD.  If you want more information on him I’ve included a link to the left that will give you more information about who he is and what he does.  I encourage you to check it out.



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