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ITF Taekwon-Do Instructor Business Success - New Student Customer Lifecycle

The picture above is from a CRM (Customer Relations Management) company called Infusionsoft.  They are great at what they do and I’m considering using them in the near future.

However, I use this picture because it is a perfect illustration of a customer lifecycle that applies to nearly every business.

Now I know “customer lifecycle” isn’t the sexiest sounding name and with a wife and a 15 yr old daughter I cringe when I hear the word cycle, but when you dig into this, you’ll want all you can get out of it!

It looks pretty simple when you look at the drawing above, but simple isn’t always easy.

At Karstadt Taekwon-Do I’ve come up with a 3-step process that accomplishes all of these 7 steps.

1. Attract Leads
2. Capture Leads
3. Nurture Prospects
4. Convert Sales
5. Deliver and Satisfy
6. Upsell Customers
7. Get Referrals

I’ll go into the details of the 3 step process in a later issue but the short explanation is we Educate, Infiltrate, and Assimilate

Educate (steps 1-4)
Everything that happens with a prospect in these steps are all designed to educate the prospect on who we are, what we do, how we will fulfill their needs, why we’re the best and why they should buy from us over any and all other competitors.

Infiltrate (step 5)
About 5 years ago at a conference I heard an instructor discussing what traits he had found were in common with the families who trained at his school and spent the most money.  You may have one or two of these who attend every event, seminar, tournament, come early, stay late, want to assist, etc.  After interviewing all these families, the one thing they all said was that “Taekwon-Do is part of our family”.  Since then I’ve made a conscious effort to foster that type of relationship as early as possible.

Assimilate (steps 6-7)
At this point it doesn’t matter what they came for (flexibility, fun, exercise, weight loss, discipline, grades, etc.) because they are getting that and more.  This is where they become a part of what you are up to as a school and that is accomplished with your upgrade process.  At KTKD we develop leaders and that’s what the focus is on throughout our training, hence the Leadership Program we offer.

My question to you is:
What are you doing at each one of those steps?

All of these steps are happening whether you are aware of them or not – and not being aware of them may be doing more harm than good!

Most of you are consciously just doing two of the seven things on that list.  You’re attempting to attract traffic and going straight to converting sales.

What’s scary is the number of potential new students you leave behind, and the money left on the table everyday by not maximizing your customer lifecycle.

For example, how many prospects do you think you lose each month after step 1?  You worked hard and paid good money to attract that traffic, but if you don’t have an effective and efficient way to capture those leads you might as well be throwing that money down the toilet!

Then once you’ve got the leads, how many of those do you think you lose because you don’t have a system to nurture those prospects.  Most prospects get one or two phone calls and that’s it.  Then what?  Most are discarded.  But I’ve had dozens of members join months after their initial contact because they were receiving our emails and for whatever reason were finally ready to join.

Then there’s converting the sale.  If they sign up, great!  But what about those who don’t?  Often times, those who don’t enroll just aren’t ready to sign up right now.  Those people should go back into the “nurture prospects” file.

Now there are those who’ve made it, who have enrolled with you.  Their first 90 days of training are critical!

This is where you deliver and satisfy and I’m not talking about just teaching good classes.

How are you making them feel safe, welcome and at home in your school?  What information are you sending them so they don’t feel left out?  What do you do to make sure they know how to tie their belt and talk to seniors in their class?  What have you given them to put on their fridge at home (pictures, schedule, student oath, etc.)?

What about upgrades?  Not everyone will upgrade, but without an upgrade program that on average increases student tuition $30-$50 per month you’re leaving behind hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month.

And finally the referrals!  You must ask for the referral and make it easy for them to share.  We include invitations in our welcome packets that every new student receives and tell them what to do with them.  On our Buddy Nights, the kids get invitations to hand out to their friends at school.  Get them in the habit of sharing and make it as easy as possible.

I could go on and on, however I’m going to focus on one of these steps each week in the upcoming issues of the 1 TKD Insider.  But before we get into the nitty gritty details of each step, I’m giving you a homework assignment.

Your assignment is to write down what you are doing in your school at each one of these steps.  Then you need to have an honest conversation with yourself about how effective you are at managing those areas.  Are the results you are producing what you want, or is there room for improvement?

If there’s an area you don’t do anything in, begin to brainstorm about what you could be doing.

This is going to take some thinking and maybe even some creativity.  I’ve done this with my school, Karstadt Taekwon-Do and here’s my homework:

1. Attract Leads
-Facebook page
-Raising Arizona Kids Magazine
-Booths at local festivals and events
-VIP conversations
-After school programs
-Living Social

2. Capture Leads
-Personal information and email capture links on all electronic communications (website, facebook page, blog, etc.)
-Text KTKD to 00000 for free report and introductory video series
-Information forms for prospects to fill out at events
-Guest card for walk-ins

3. Nurture Prospects
-Free report and introductory video series (14 videos over 30 days, all with special new student offer
-After 30 days they immediately go on KTKD update list, receive updates, events and newsletter

4. Convert Sales
-6 week introductory program

5. Deliver and Satisfy
-Welcome packet with important documents
-New student online video series “KICKstart Your Training” 18 videos over 6 weeks (short clips from parent coaching class on video)
-Extraordinary class experience
-Looking good card
-Homework sheets for the juniors and adults

6. Upsell Customers
-Black Belt Training Program
-Leadership Training Program
-Master’s Training Program

7. Get Referrals
-Use referral script and two referral cards at Intro sign up
-Use referral script and two referral cards at Upgrade sign up
-Use referral script with referral cards available at testing
-Buddy Night once a month

Hopefully you have something similar or can get some ideas from what I’ve shared.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this exercise!



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