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Can someone please tell me why it’s ok for my 15 yr old daughter to go on vacation with her boyfriend’s family?  Or why he should go on vacation with us?

Maybe I’m getting old or am just old fashioned but to me it’s an obvious NO.

It’s not that I don’t trust them, or have anything against the boy or his family.  They’re both great kids and his family is great.  I’m actually glad the two of them are together and I was also the boy’s Taekwon-Do instructor for three years.

I am aware that if they’re going to try anything sexual, they could easily do that at home as well.  But I’m not going to intentionally put them in a tempting situation in another county.  In addition to that, I want to enjoy my vacation and not have to keep an extra eye out and be responsible for babysitting another kid.  And yes, if they are under 18, they’re just a kid.

I went on two vacations with the family of the girl I was dating in high school and looking back, I have no idea what her parents were thinking!

If her dad had any idea (and I’m clearly assuming here that he didn’t) of what I was trying to pull, I’d have been shot.

And I was the “good kid”.  I was trustworthy, on the U.S. Taekwon-Do Team, I taught children’s Taekwon-Do classes, I took care of my 3 younger siblings… but I was still 16 and male.

So now I’m the bad guy, the evil step-dad, keeping her from her boyfriend and from being happy.

And making it worse, is all the sympathy and agreement she’s getting from OTHER ADULTS.

It seems like I’m swimming upstream here, and by upstream I mean up Niagara Falls.  And I’m okay with that.

It’s also funny I’m dealing with this just days after I wrote an article titled “Kids Need A Parent, Not Another Friend” for my Karstadt Taekwon-Do Blog.


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