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Personal Development is by far one the most important things you can do for yourself as a Taekwon-Do school owner.

Personal development is a broad term that includes many amazing and great resources that can cause a shift in your point of view, open doors to new ideas and demonstrate what’s possible where you may have thought there was nothing possible before.  It can literally change your life in ways you never imagined.

Then there’s personal development out there that is a complete, utter, disappointing joke.  Stuff that is a waste of your time.  Stuff that some self-proclaimed guru came up with and vomited into a book or seminar.  For example, anybody these days can take a short training and call themselves a “Life Coach”.  I don’t want a life coach!  I want to have a conversation with people who are already successful at what I want to accomplish!

There’s A LOT of this garbage out there and that’s why many people scoff at the idea of personal development.

But I did say that it is by far, one of the most important things you can do for yourself as a school owner.  And just so you know, there is no one that I listen to, read, or take advice from that hasn’t “been there, done that” and have a proven track record of success to go along with it.  Unlike those closest to you.  As well intentioned as your family and friends are, they often times are the ones who talk the most and who you should listen to the least – which is difficult because they are always around and just want to help.

The areas of personal development I recommend you focus on are marketing, business systems, money management and happiness.

These four areas obviously don’t cover every area of your life, they are the areas that have the most impact on you as a Taekwon-Do school owner.

1. Marketing

You need become a master marketer so that you can create the ways in which you want to attract new clients that best fits you and your school.  As I learned more and more about marketing, it’s mind blowing to me how much money is wasted on bad marketing.  And people keep doing it.  I recommend anything by Dan Kennedy.  His book No B.S. Direct Marketing is a good place to start.  I’ve got two shelves of his material right here next to me at my desk, he’s that good!

2. Business Systems

You will never be able to make the leap from Instructor to Owner unless you have business systems.  Most instructors, although they technically own their school, don’t do what owners do.  They do what instructors, accountants, receptionists and janitors do.  Owners could leave the business for a month on vacation and know without a doubt that there school will still be there when they return because they have business systems in place and people trained to run those systems.  The E-Myth by Michael Gerber is a great book that explains how and why your business should be systemized.

3. Money Management

Now that you’re making money, what do you do with it?  How much do you invest?  How much do you save?  How much do you enjoy?  How much do you kids need for college?  How much debt do you have to pay off?

One of the major reasons poor people are poor is how they relate to money.  That’s why you hear about so many lottery winners who wind up broke, even filing for bankruptcy.  It wasn’t the amount of money that was the problem.  It was how the dealt with money that was the problem.  Just because you may have a lot of it doesn’t mean you know what to do with it.

Best bet is to hire someone you trust who is a financial advisor to “advise” you.  I make a point of that because some people just hire someone, assume that person knows what they’re doing and lose massive amounts of money in investments that they don’t know about or don’t understand.  Ultimately it’s your money and you are responsible for it so make sure you are at least aware of where it’s going and have a basic understanding of the investment.

4. Happiness

Happiness matter because as nice as it is to have money (and it is!), it still can’t buy happiness.  You have to look at yourself in the mirror everyday and deal with the choices you’ve made, the circumstances you have and the life you have created for yourself.  Where ever you’re at in life, you did that.  You got yourself there.

Part of truly being happy is truly being responsible for all of your life.  As I say, No Blaming, No Complaining, No Excuses!

However there are times when we are just stuck and can’t get past something, don’t see a silver lining or won’t let go of that grudge.  It’s things like these that cause family members not to talk for years and all kinds of frustration, resentment and anger.

I did a program called the Landmark Forum in 2003 and it’s a 3 1/2 day course that blows your mind.  You walk out of there ready to take on the world and all of those things from your past that have lingering and impacting your everyday life are now all the way back in the past where they belong.  All kinds of new things are possible and you are free to pursue the life you want to create.

Sounds crazy, but it works.  I was so impressed I went through their leadership training program and led seminars for them for four years, until I got hit with fibromyalgia which put a stop to that and just about everything else.  To this day I still use what I learned in that 3 1/2 days in 2003.  They offer the Landmark Forum all over the world.  Check out their site at


If you haven’t started already, this is a good first step on your journey of personal development.  The people, books and programs I recommended here are obviously not the only people with legitimate information making a difference for people, but they are the ones that I’ve taken notice of and would refer to my closest friends and family.

Take advantage of these resources and take control of your success!

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