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Whether you like it or not, part of what comes along with being a human being is the fact that the actions you take, the thoughts you have and the feeling you experience are always consistent with your beliefs (about yourself, your school, your students, your family, etc.). Another way of saying this is that your thoughts, feelings and actions are always consistent with the way the world occurs to you.

For example, what you think, feel, say and do when confronted with 10 boards to break or a stack of blocks is entirely different than what a new white belt would think, feel, say and do when presented with the exact same situation. In reality there is no difference in what they are dealing with, only a difference in how they perceive what it is they are dealing with, a difference in their point of view.

This may sound simple or obvious, but hardly anyone takes actions that would suggest that.

Take running a Taekwon-Do school for example. As a school owner, we all are faced with the challenge generating students, teaching great Taekwon-Do and making enough money to earn a living doing something we love.

Some of us have figured it out. Some of us have not. Some don’t think money should be an issue. Some think that making any money means you’re a belt factory. Some are afraid to take chances. Some educate themselves in ways to improve their business. Some think they shouldn’t have to. Some…  I could go on and on with this because there are as many points of view out there as there are instructors.

But we’re all faced with the same challenge, so why all the weirdness about it?

Because people don’t realize that it’s just their belief system that is influencing and impacting everything they do. They don’t realize that their belief system is their own and that everyone else has one as well. They think that what they think is RIGHT, and everyone else is wrong or just doesn’t get it. In reality, their point of view (your point of view) about a given situation is just one of many.

So if this is the case, then the next logical question is, “Which one is the RIGHT point of view?”

The answer is that there isn’t one.

If you belong to ISIS, you’d say that beheading a non-muslim just because they’re not a muslim is perfectly acceptable. Why? Because of your beliefs. If you ask me about it, I’d say you’re wrong. Why? Because of my beliefs.

What does all this have to do with you and the success of your Taekwon-Do school?

Following this logic, your current situation is a perfect match for the belief system you have. The people in your life, the car you drive, the spouse you picked, the level of success of your school – all of it is a match for the way the world occurs for you. So if you have an area of your life that you want to make a difference in, that you want to change, or that you want to create results in your business and in your life beyond what is predictable, you must begin with confronting your beliefs about what you are dealing with.

I speak to Taekwon-Do instructors all the time who say they want to run a successful Taekwon-Do school. But when I dig a little deeper, I discover that they have beliefs about money, about success, about successful people and rich people that contradict what it is they are saying.

The scary thing is that most people aren’t always consciously aware of their beliefs. Many of your beliefs were formed very early on in life by a scared, frustrated or upset 5 yr old. They may be what your parents believed and you just took that on. Maybe you got ripped off by someone or some big corporation and formed a belief about it. Most of your beliefs weren’t consciously created and are always operating in the background.

So when there is something you want and that something happens to contradict your beliefs, it is extremely frustrating. So what do you do about it?

As the late Stephen Covey said, you must begin with the end in mind. You must have a clear picture of what it is you want to accomplish. What does success look like for your school? Your life? What does success look like for you financially? With all of this identified, you can begin to look at what your beliefs are regarding those issues and discover where you are holding yourself back. Then begin to develop beliefs that are consistent with what you want to accomplish.

Successful Taekwon-Do instructors aren’t inherently smarter than you are or better than you are, they’ve just developed their nature talents and abilities more than you have and they have a belief system that supports what they want to accomplish.

How can you apply this?

1. Start off by taking some time for yourself and free your mind from doubt and fear. Imagine that you have no limitations. What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail? If you had all the time, money, talent, skills, and contacts you could ever want, what would you decide to do or be or have in your life?

2. Challenge the self limiting beliefs that are holding you back. As I said earlier, most people are not consciously aware, they are blind in this area. To do this you must get some honest feedback from someone who knows you and who will be honest with you. Go to that person and ask them if they see any beliefs that you might have that could be causing you to perform below your potential.

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