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ITF Taekwon-Do Instructor Business Success - Money Making Power of Scripts

When you hear the word “script” you may start thinking of something that has to do with a movie, a play, or the canned sales presentations you’ve been bombarded with all your life.

Either way, scripts seem have a negative reputation and apparently belong to the annoying, untrained telemarketer or customer service rep. (I know you’ve dealt with them.)

You, like most people may have an aversion to using scripts in your business because you don’t want to sound canned or you’re afraid of what others will think of you if they know you are using a script.

What ever hang-ups or negative opinions you have about scripts, I’d like you to consider that those are a huge barrier to you success.

Even if you think you have proof they don’t work, because you’ve used them before, I promise you that you either had an ineffective script or you didn’t truly follow the script.

Using scripts in my business was literally a turning point for my success and my bank account.

Now I use scripts for:
-Answering the phone
-Greeting Walk-ins
-Speaking to Prospects in Public
-Scheduling Appointments
-Calling No-Shows
-Confirming Appointments
-Enrolling New Members
-Highlighting Students
-Upgrading Students
-Testing Reminders

… and many more. Those were just the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

By using these scripts I know what my instructors are saying and when they are saying it.

It makes training new instructors and front desk staff simple.  Also it’s easy to identify and turn around any area of the school that is under-performing.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY to me…  I’m able to make sure that everything our students hear from us is consistent with our message of developing Smarter, Stronger, Safer Kids and Leaders in the community.

Most instructors’ marketing doesn’t have a specific message for a specific target market which makes enrolling new members difficult.  With the scripts you can be sure that your message is getting across.

When you are saying the right things to the right people, you won’t have to sell anything.  They will show up ready to buy and become a part of your school.

You can only do that with the use of scripts.

Now there’s still some of you who say things like, “it’s not my words” or “it doesn’t sound natural” and use reasons like that as an excuse for your own laziness.

You can make it your words…  make it sound natural.  People do it everyday in the movies and on Broadway.  Do you think that Tom Hanks complained that Forrest Gump just wasn’t his style, that his role in Philadelphia was too gay, or that Woody from Toy Story was too childish for him?

Scripts do not limit you, YOU DO.

Scripts actually streamline your message and allow you to produce consistent results with consistent strategies and a consistent message.

Think about your message, about what you want to communicate to your students and start writing it down.  You can always test new scripts and adjust them or change them accordingly.

For example my phone script let’s people know that we are a referral based school, that we focus on leadership, how they can get started and always ends with scheduling an appointment and asking for a referral.

It allows for the conversation to flow and guides the prospect in the direction I want them to take.

If you have scripts and are not using them, START!  If you don’t have them, start writing down what you want to say on the phone, during an enrollment conference, etc. and begin streamlining your operations.



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