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Instructors ask me all the time if I have a successful flyer they can use to promote their school.  The problem is that there just isn’t one!

I do have examples of marketing that I’ve done, but rarely do I put out anything with the general purpose of bringing in new students.

When I put together marketing materials, it’s always designed for a specific target market, often focused around a certain event and part of a multi-step marketing process.

For example I’m doing a Valentines Day Referral Promotion where every student is getting a comical letter in the mail along with a referral card that looks like a $100 bill to give to anyone they want to put towards any of our basic training programs.

Now just because I’m not doing flyers with the general purpose of bring in new students doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be being done, it’s just not nearly as effective as a multi-step, multi-media marketing system.  Many schools do go with the one step of a flyer or ad and the results are mixed.

However, if you are going to create a flyer or sales letter with the sole intent of it drawing new members in, there are a few things you need to make sure are included on that flyer or sales letter.

1. There must ALWAYS be an offer or offers.
2. There must be a reason to respond RIGHT NOW!
3. There must be clear instructions on how to respond.
4. Branding is a by product. (People don’t join because of your logo)
5. There must be strong copy. ex: benefits, testimonials, etc.

Each of these will make a difference in the response rate you get from your flyer or sales letter.

Finally you must track your responses and the effectiveness of what you put out there.  Results rule, and you may discover that people respond to something much different than what you think would work, or what you like, but again, remember results rule!

Make your marketing fun, enjoy yourself while you’re doing it and when people see it, they will know.

Take Master Karstadt’s head on Cupid’s body as an example:

ITF Taekwon-Do Instructor Business Success - Master Cupid
There’s nothing like a crappy photoshop job to get someone’s attention and a good laugh, right???


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